Write a sentence using the word scientific theory definition

His scientific jubilee was celebrated in Paris in All scientific material from the past is making its way online. Computers can connect to and control highly specialized scientific instruments, and equipment can be accessed remotely.

The findings are discussed in the context of a competing theory. Chaos and complexity can both be viewed as a theory of formal social systems. Regardless of the theory of evolution, we have accrued many benefits.

We now use matrix perturbation theory to compute the covariance of based on this zero approximation. According to conspiracy theory, there is no obvious end game for Iraq.

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Apparently such a proposition runs counter to Marxist theory. Thought topics available within the theory are psychoanalysis, radical political thought, and critical theories of art and culture.

In the quantum theory, matter which is in a false vacuum may "tunnel" to its true vacuum state.

write a sentence using the word scientific theory definition

His doctrine of chances of greatly expanded the mathematical theory of probability which Bernoulli had started in The trouble with that theory is here we have letters and numbers. Apart from the atomic theory there is no obvious reason why this should be so.

We understand that you can, in theory, save and save and save and then live off the interest of your savings forever.

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The theory was that life in the workhouse had to be worse than life outside the workhouse, otherwise it would be overrun with the poor.

Modern history, in theory, rejects both these principles. Of course, on the theory of thin plates, this direction would be determined. But all in all, the theory seems to hold. What underlying mechanisms would make the Democratic Peace Theory "work"?

The theory is that democracies do not go to war with other democracies. Having in theory rejected the view held by the ancients, it still follows them in practice. The second way people choose a nutritional theory is to develop it from their overall social and political understanding of the world.

The individual had no liberties, or at least very few, but in exchange was, in theory, entitled to certain economic rights. In fact, he did so much to make the atomic theory of matter probable that he is popularly regarded as its originator.

Here again, apart from this theory, there is no obvious reason why the composition of different substances should be related in so simple a way.

If chemical compounds can be proved by experiment to obey these laws, then the atomic theory acquires a high degree of probability; if they are contradicted by experiment then the atomic theory must be abandoned, or very much modified.

The atomic theory has been of priceless value to chemists, but it has more than once happened in the history of science that a hypothesis, after having been useful in the discovery Present and the co-ordination of knowledge, has been aban- position doned and replaced by one more in harmony with later of the discoveries.

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No matter why the theory works, is it good for the world that it does. What theory and science is possible about a matter the conditions and circumstances of which are unknown and cannot be defined, especially when the strength of the acting forces cannot be ascertained?The process of executing an experiment using the scientific method also ensures that data is recorded and able to be shared so that any bias on the part of the .

How to use electron in a sentence. Example sentences with the word electron. electron example sentences. How to use electron in a sentence.

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Example sentences with the word electron. Thomson in and 4 resulted in the establishment of the electron theory. Scientific theory definition, a coherent group of propositions formulated to explain a group of facts or phenomena in the natural world and repeatedly confirmed through experiment or observation: the scientific theory of evolution.

How to use scientific in a sentence.


Example sentences with the word scientific. scientific example sentences. Scientific Sentence Examples.

write a sentence using the word scientific theory definition

His scientific jubilee was celebrated in Paris in All scientific (folkor comparative psychology) is one of the chief developments of the Herbartian theory of philosophy; it is a protest not.

In non-scientific use, however, hypothesis and theory are often used interchangeably to mean simply an idea, speculation, or hunch, with theory being the more common choice. scientific theory - a theory that explains scientific observations; "scientific theories must be falsifiable" big bang theory, big-bang theory - (cosmology) the theory that the universe originated sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and.

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