Travelling by a train without ticket

What can happen if I am on a train without a valid ticket? The full fare can be charged for your journey Under the National Rail Conditions of Carriage you could be charged the full fare for the journey. Typical examples of being found aboard a train with an invalid ticket include:

Travelling by a train without ticket

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright ALAMY The Department for Transport has announced a consultation to make it easier for rail passengers to appeal against fines for having the wrong ticket or misplacing a travel pass.

Travelling by a train without ticket

Chris Stokel-Walker asks, why do people avoid fares, accidentally or deliberately, and should shirkers feel guilty? When year-old Katie Alicia Duke arrived at Prittlewell train station for the The ticket office was closed until On the train, Duke tried to explain all this to the ticket inspector, showing him pictures she had taken at the station as proof.

Another ticket inspector corroborated the fact that the office was closed, and let Duke travel without a penalty.

There are many wonderful reasons why train travel in countries you’re visiting for the first time is so great, and travelling by train in Vietnam is no different. A. Two classes of service are offered on board the AVE trains – First class and Turista class. Travellers having a First class ticket will have access to the First Class Club and Preferente, depending on the type of train. If you fly into the country you get 30 days free (can vary depending on the country of your visa), but you should show a ticket for your way back out (before the 30 days are up). Some airlines won't let you board unless you have this proof, because they might be forced to fly you back gratis. But no one checks the validity of it so you can hodgepodge an email or some sort of statement showing.

But if his colleague hadn't been on the same carriage, Duke believes the original inspector would have fined her. In essence, it's a type of stealing.

Those who have made an innocent mistake should be treated with understanding and not immediately assumed to be guilty Colin Foxall, Passenger Focus The legislation that allows rail companies to fine or prosecute fare dodgers was enshrined in law before Britain's railways were privatised.

But that's not just a British thing, explains rail analyst Christian Wolmar. However, some passengers feel unfairly treated. There are some stations on the network where you can't buy tickets. And sometimes passengers make an innocent mistake - they misplace a ticket, misread the terms of travel, or forget an all-important railcard.

There have even been reports that some train companies incentivise staff to issue penalty fares. If a penalty fare isn't paid, letters are sometimes sent out to passengers threatening criminal sanctions if the person does not pay up - something the Department for Transport suggests might be "not appropriate" in its new consultation.

Image copyright PA "Those who have made an innocent mistake and been caught out by the many rules and restrictions should be treated with understanding and not immediately assumed to be guilty," believes Colin Foxall of Passenger Focus, an independent railway watchdog.

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Barry Doe, a rail fare expert, believes it's unacceptable that so many "have fallen foul of the rules accidentally". Train tickets have become more confusing than ever before. Tickets may soon more clearly state what travel restrictions there are. And seat reservations would not be on a separate card.

Doe believes that - although two wrongs do not make a right - the revenue gained from passengers who overpay for tickets ill-suited to their travel needs probably exceeds that lost from fraud. Assuming people are being dishonest may have drawbacks.

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Valid reasons for appealing against a penalty fare Image copyright PA You didn't realise you would have to pay the penalty fare, because the signs weren't clear enough, English isn't your first language or you couldn't read the notices because of a sight impairment You didn't get a chance to buy a ticket or permit to travel - this could be because there was a long queue and no ticket machine available, or you couldn't use the machine because of a disability There was a notice at the station where you started your journey which said that you were allowed to travel without a ticket A station employee told you that you were allowed to travel either without a ticket or with the ticket you had There was no clear notice at the station where you started your journey to warn you about penalty fares Source:Travelling without proper pass or ticket and [“ (in 1 above)”] Fare from the station which he has traveled or from the station which the train originally started or from the checking point with equal amount of excess charge subject to a minimum of Rs.

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Indian Railways announced good news for the can travel on any train without taking a are all not able to take a ticket before boarding train they can take a ticket receipt from the passengers should give an acceptable reason for their ticketless TT accepts your Explanation, then he will grant you a ticket receipt with charging Rs extra on.

Travelling by a train without ticket

THE ALISHAN FOREST TRAIN. This is the preferred and most popular option. The railway constructed in , was originally for logging, but was added passenger carriages in and is now a super popular tourist attraction due to not only its long history and authenticity, but also it .

If the train you're booked on is delayed you should be able to get on a later one or take a different route, though it's important to check with station staff if you're unsure, as there may be some exceptions – particularly if the alternative route is run by a different train company..

For example, if you're travelling from London Euston to Birmingham and your train's delayed, it might be. Transporting animals by train. Passengers may take with them, free of charge and subject to conditions below, dogs, cats and other small animals (maximum two per passenger) provided they do not endanger or inconvenience passengers or staff.

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