Red cross history in hindi

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Red cross history in hindi

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Also inLouis Appia and Charles van de Veldea captain of the Dutch Armybecame the first independent and neutral delegates to work under the symbol of the Red Cross in an armed conflict. Also inJean-Henri Dunant was forced to declare bankruptcy due to business failures in Algeriapartly because he had neglected his business interests during his tireless activities for the International Committee.

Controversy surrounding Dunant's business dealings and the resulting negative public opinion, combined with an ongoing conflict with Gustave Moynier, led to Dunant's expulsion from his position as a member and secretary.

He was charged with fraudulent bankruptcy and a warrant for his arrest was issued. Thus, he was forced to leave Geneva and never returned to his home city.

In the following years, national societies were founded in nearly every country in Europe. The project resonated well with patriotic sentiments that were on the rise in the late-nineteenth-century, and national societies were often encouraged as signifiers of national moral superiority.

In a rather short period of time, the Red Cross gained huge momentum as an internationally respected movement, and the national societies became increasingly popular as a venue for volunteer work.

More significant than the honor of the prize itself, this prize marked the overdue rehabilitation of Jean-Henri Dunant and represented a tribute to his key role in the formation of the Red Cross.

Dunant died nine years later in the small Swiss health resort of Heiden. Only two months earlier his long-standing adversary Gustave Moynier had also died, leaving a mark in the history of the Committee as its longest-serving president ever.

Inthe Geneva Convention was revised for the first time. Shortly before the beginning of the First World War in50 years after the foundation of the ICRC and the adoption of the first Geneva Convention, there were already 45 national relief societies throughout the world.

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World War I[ edit ] War Express messages and communications to families. With the outbreak of World War Ithe ICRC found itself confronted with enormous challenges that it could handle only by working closely with the national Red Cross societies.

Red Cross nurses from around the world, including the United States and Japan, came to support the medical services of the armed forces of the European countries involved in the war.

By the end of the war, the Agency had transferred about 20 million letters and messages, 1. Furthermore, due to the intervention of the Agency, aboutprisoners were exchanged between the warring parties, released from captivity and returned to their home country. The organizational card index of the Agency accumulated about 7 million records from to The card index led to the identification of about 2 million POWs and the ability to contact their families.


The right to access the index is still strictly restricted to the ICRC. During the entire war, the ICRC monitored warring parties' compliance with the Geneva Conventions of the revision and forwarded complaints about violations to the respective country.

When chemical weapons were used in this war for the first time in history, the ICRC vigorously protested against this new type of warfare.

Red cross history in hindi

Even without having a mandate from the Geneva Conventions, the ICRC tried to ameliorate the suffering of civil populations. In territories that were officially designated as "occupied territories", the ICRC could assist the civilian population on the basis of the Hague Convention 's "Laws and Customs of War on Land" of This convention was also the legal basis for the ICRC's work for prisoners of war.

A total of camps throughout Europe were visited by 41 delegates from the ICRC until the end of the war. The pictures showed the prisoners in day-to-day activities such as the distribution of letters from home.

The intention of the ICRC was to provide the families of the prisoners with some hope and solace and to alleviate their uncertainties about the fate of their loved ones. After the end of the war, between andthe ICRC organized the return of aboutprisoners to their home countries.Radio Asia AM, a part of Radio Asia Network, is the first Malayalam radio station in the Gulf.

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