Problem solving and help desk

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Problem solving and help desk

Having a strategic vision is admirable but if executives are unable to print a memo, you lose their support. You know how it begins. The user turns on the computer, Murphy steps in and creates a problem.

It could be any one of a thousand failures.

Problem solving and help desk

The monitor does not work, the printer won't print, the file won't load or the modem won't modem. Where do you begin? Is there a sequence of steps you can follow? Or do you randomly change things hoping they will somehow get better?

There is a strategy that will, without fail, lead you to the problem. It begins with the simple question: If the answer is "Yes" then it is possible to find the problem. If the answer is "No" then things can be a little bit more difficult. The key lies in comparing the current condition of the PC to when it was working.

You ask two related questions: The purpose of the two questions is to gather information which you use to create two images. One is of the working machine, the other is of the malfunctioning device.

What differences exist between the images? The strategy does not guarantee a solution What differences are important? For example, if you have moved the PC from one side of the desk to the other, or changed the toner cartridge, installed ,a new version of Windows.

Any and all of these are possible causes. You exclude nothing from the list of differences. Of course, some are more likely than others to be the reason for the problem Once you have a list of differences between a working and non-working PC, the goal is to examine each difference by itself.

You do this by removing the differences one at a time. If you remove more than one, you run the risk of solving the problem, without knowing which difference was the cause. One major flaw in the strategy is we do not always have an accurate picture of the correctly running machine.

We usually do not pay attention to things that are not broken. Do you know exactly how you have configured your PC? What about all the PCs you are responsible for? An alternative is to compare your malfunctioning PC to a working PC.

This is also useful if the machine causing the problem has never performed the task before.The helpdesk needs desk understand a problem to the level that either the solution can be given to the customer or the helpdesk can proceed looking problem the problem help the customer on the phone.

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