It is far better for central

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It is far better for central

Between the yellow canola fields of Canada's Parkland Belt and the sheep and goat country of Texas's Edwards Plateau, more than 2, miles to the south, lie a succession of agricultural regions that collectively produce dozens of food and fiber products.

The most important Great Plains crop is wheat. Although the United States and Canada together produce slightly less wheat than China the world's leading wheat growerthe two North American countries account for more than half of the world's wheat exports. Barley, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum, and soybeans grown in the Great Plains also reach markets around the world.

Agriculture has long been the life force of the Great Plains economy.

It is far better for central

Although manufacturing employs more people than agriculture in some parts of the Great Plains today, many urban industries rely on the region's farms and ranches for the raw materials they process. One has to look back several thousand years, to a time when plains inhabitants were mainly nomadic hunters, to find an era when agriculture did not figure prominently in the region's pattern of human occupation.

Some Native North American groups depended on agriculture as much as the European Americans who displaced them. Native American Agriculture Cultivation of domesticated plants was a relatively late innovation in the Great Plains compared to the southeastern and southwestern regions of North America.

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These settlements were a result of migration and diffusion from the Mississippian cultural complex to the east. However, agriculture in the Great Plains has always been a risky business threatened by drought, grasshoppers, and early frosts.

For that reason early farmers did not depend entirely on the produce of their gardens; rather, they hunted bison and other game and supplemented their diets with meat and diverse wild plants.

Villages were located on the bluffs and terraces overlooking the gardens, which were carved into the fertile floodplains below. Maize was the most important food crop produced, but gardens also included a wide variety of beans and squash.

It is far better for central

Some of the earliest domesticates on the Plains were amaranth, chenopods, and sunflowers. Tobacco, central to ritual life in many tribes, was a highly valued crop and trade item as well. The annual cycle of village life revolved around the planting, hoeing, harvesting, and processing of their crops.

The architecture, implements, and other technologies associated with this early agricultural lifestyle in the Great Plains were remarkably uniform: One of the secrets of the longevity of this lifestyle among Native groups was the sophisticated risk-management strategies employed by the farmers, who were mostly women.

Archaeological and ethnographic records reveal careful development of a wide variety of maize, beans, and squash, specifically selected to produce under different conditions. The Mandans, for example, planted at least thirteen varieties of corn at the time of contact with European Americans.

In addition, their gardens were widely dispersed geographically and were intercropped.

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For example, beans were planted among the corn because beans returned essential nitrogen to soils depleted by corn production.

The first harvest of the season was the green corn harvest, which typically began in mid-August. The green corn was roasted or boiled, shelled using clam shells, and spread out to dry in the sun. Corn was used sparingly when other foods were available.

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