An american gaucho in argentina essay

The Gaucho as Argentine Phenomenon — D.

An american gaucho in argentina essay

Domenech We generically term the different types of edged weapons used by gauchos in the past as cuchillos criollos creole knives. We employ this generic name as the gauchos didn't use just one class of knife, but would employ different ones depending upon their personal tastes, customs, or what they could find or acquire.

About the Gauchos The gaucho was a specific human type: An excellent rider, hunter of wild cattle, with no employer and no fixed job, he preferred to be an errant rider crossing the silent and deserted big plains.

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Gauchos appeared as a result of the crossing of the blood of the Spanish with the local Indians and it is generally believed that the gaucho first appeared in those territories of what today is the Republica de Uruguay, on the North bank of River Plate opposite from where Buenos Aires is situated.

Gauchos quickly spread across the River into territories of what today is known as Argentina. All those territories were then known as Virreynato del Rio de la Plata and were under the control of the Crown of Spain.

Both the gauchos of Uruguay and of Argentina have very similar characteristics in customs and clothing. A somewhat different type of gaucho also developed later in the southern region of what today is Brazil, in the Rio Grande do Sul zone.

What we can call a 'gaucho type' went under several different names during the XVII century, being called changadores, arrimados, amiluchos, gauderios, etc.

In those early times, these gauchos of the River Plate area had encounters with gangs coming from neighboring territories in dispute with Spain and under control of the Portuguese Crown presently the southern territories of Brazilwho crossed the frontiers while smuggling, committing robberies, etc.

Of course, those encounters were very far from being friendly ones!

An american gaucho in argentina essay

The gangs of tough Portuguese speaking men were astonished to see the long bladed knives used by the Spanish speaking gauchos, which were too short to be called swords and too long to be called simply as knives.

It has to be explained that the first Spaniards' settlements around the coasts of the River Plate were made around the s and subsequent to their initial failure, many of the few horses and cows brought from Spain gained liberty and escaped to the great open plains which offered these animals ideal conditions of grass, water and mild weather.

An american gaucho in argentina essay

These initial small herds gave rise with the passing of the following years to the huge herds of thousands and thousands of cimarron wild cattle both horses and cows which astonished the voyagers who arrived in these lands in the following centuries after the first foundations of Buenos Aires.

These huge herds gave origin to a large local industry based upon the chasing and hunting of wild cattle just to take their hides for export to Spain, which required the special permission of the Cabildo Institution, which represented the King of Spain in our lands. These expeditions required many men working as hunters, killers and skinners and also soldiers to protect against Indian attack.

Of course, many entrepreneurs found that more profitable business could be made organizing their own non authorized expeditions to get the cattle and smuggle the hides to other markets in Europe.

Gauchos were men of the frontier and recognized no Law, no King, no Patron and they committed robberies and other felonies and, as such, were pursued by the Law. Their services as knowledgeable men of the plains were required from time to time by owners of big rodeos of cattle or by the chiefs of the expeditions organized by the Cabildo to hunt wild cows and get their skins.

This helped to put an end to the pursuit by the Law, at least during the course of those authorized expeditions. But then, they also hunted wild cattle for themselves, without the required Cabildo permission, and smuggled the skins for their own profit or were employed by the organizers of the non authorized expeditions.

Later, in several stages of our history, they were forced to form part of the regular Army and, badly armed and badly equipped, were employed in the Independence and Civil wars and during the war against the Indians, under orders of military brass, politicos or civilian leaders.

These human types known as camiluchos, gauderios and those other names given before that of gauchos all had similar characteristic behaviors, remaining in constant change, adaptation and modification of their clothes, tools, and riding apparel according to times and personal possibilities.

Everything was capable of being used, changed, adapted, modified to their personal tastes or customs. That's why it's so difficult to classify the edged weapons they employed and also their other pieces of tackle and riding equipment.

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To study an object it is first necessary to arrive at a classification method and to then use a more or less methodic description to allow observation and classification of a particular specimen as such or such variant. We should always have in our minds, though, what we said before regarding the personality of gauchos and their ability to adapt or modify their equipment, including riding tackle and weapons.

This is especially important with their knives, because we will always find pieces which fail to fit exactly within the characteristics we hereby show, or to fit well into any of the types named here, though it should be possible to classify most into one of the four basic types we propose.

They adapted, becoming employees under the directions of the owners of estancias, or otherwise they just vanished. Today, the public image of the gaucho is very different from its true former sense; a new, positive image has replaced the bad one the gaucho had in centuries past.

The gaucho is now an icon who represents Argentineans, in a similar sense as cowboys represent Americans.AN AMERICAN GAUCHO IN ARGENTINA Essay Words | 4 Pages.

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A Short Essay About Gaucho Knives: Facón, Daga, Cuchilla and Puñal The different knives used by gauchos, and some interesting coincidences and a common root between puñales and Bowie knives.

Gauchos Essay This was the name given to the horsemen who worked on the Argentine and Uruguayan pampas from the middle of the 18th century until the late 19th century, having a similar image in Latin America as the cowboys have in North America.

Gaucho Literature The following entry discusses the literature depicting life on the Pampas in Argentina and Uruguay from the 19 th and early 20 th century.

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